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South Florida Cleaning Concepts implements a rotation system to clean your house each time we visit. Our first clean is an in-depth clean of the bathrooms and kitchen, a general cleaning of the rest of the house is also done. On the second... visit we detail your rooms and perform a general clean of kitchen and bathrooms. This kind of ROTATION SYSTEM allows us to keep your home clean, ALL THE TIME.The safety and security of your home is our priority.

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We have been in business for over 20 years. Our clients have grown to trust us to handle their needs.

Our Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our dedication to satisfaction is proven time and time again. We guarantee a job well done all the time, every time.

Customized Experience

We understand that each client has different needs. Thats why we cater to your specific space and areas. Check out our detailed services list to learn more.

Award-Winning Service

Our attention to detail and portfolio of services have been know to impress.

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“I have used South Florida Cleaning Concepts for years for their professionalism and quality.”

- Lindsey J. Crowley

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